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Lindenhurst Hosts Discussion on AI in Education

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Visiting Academics from St. John’s University Talk about this Emerging Technology and its Impact in the Classroom

Visiting academics from St. John’s University recently visited Lindenhurst High School for a comprehensive discussion about artificial intelligence and the impact this rapidly evolving technology could have in the classroom.

Dr. James Wolfinger, Dean of the School of Education; Dr. Heather Robertson, Chair of Mental Health Counseling; Dr. Xiajun Chen, Curriculum & Instruction faculty; and Robert Cote, Director of Development/Planned Giving from St. John’s met with student representatives, teachers and District administrators for the discussion, which was held in the high school library.

The group talked about the anxieties surrounding the use of AI, the strengths and weaknesses of the technology as it exists today, the ways in which it can be harnessed as a learning tool, and its potential impact on the job market. The fruitful talk allowed for the different parties to express how they view AI and potentially help formulate school policy about its use.

Date Added: 3/25/2024