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Andrea Judge, LMSW - Coordinator of Guidance



    Andrea Judge, LMSW – Coordinator of Guidance
    HS: 631-867-3750
    MS: 631-867-3550




The Guidance Department provides a comprehensive guidance counseling program for students at the middle school and high school levels. Our programs focus on assisting students in their academic, social, and emotional growth, as well as in the development of a post-secondary plan. Our guidance activities serve to promote the realization of each individual student's unique potential.

The High School Guidance Department is staffed by nine certified school counselors, one certified bilingual school counselor and four clerical workers. Counselors see students in large groups, in classroom settings, google meets and in individual meetings in the Guidance Office. Parents, guardians and other family members meet regularly with their child's counselor as different needs arise. Counselors also meet with teachers and administrators, as well as other support staff such as the Nurse or Psychologist or Social Worker in order to promote the growth of the students in their caseloads.

The Middle School Guidance Department is staffed by four certified school counselors, one bilingual certified school counselor and three clerical workers. Counselors meet regularly with students and their teachers both individually and in the team environment to promote learning. Counselors at the Middle School work closely with support staff and administrators also to assist students in their personal and academic development.

The Coordinator of Guidance monitors, supports and assesses the students’ and school community needs and efforts in both buildings. The goal of the Guidance Department is to help our students become happy, healthy, independent adults and good citizens. The Guidance Department works together as a cohesive team with families, teachers, and school community to meet the needs of our students at all levels and to help them achieve this goal.