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Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

Christine Glynn, Chief Warrant Officer 4, Senior Marine Instructor
Jose Mercado, Master Sergeant, Marine Instructor

Leadership Education also known as Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (MCJROTC) teaches the kind of self-discipline, self-confidence and leadership skills that can help students successfully meet academic challenges of high school and the future.

The program is a cooperative effort between Lindenhurst High School and the United States Marine Corps. It is designed to develop informed and responsible citizens and strengthen character by forming strong habits of self-discipline, community service, volunteerism, and develop respect for oneself and others. Emphasis is on the development of leadership abilities, teamwork, personal pride, accomplishment and patriotism, enabling each student to become a better citizen and more productive member of society no matter what career path he or she chooses.

THIS IS NOT A RECRUITMENT PROGRAM FOR ANY BRANCH OF THE MILITARY. There is no military obligation associated with these courses.