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Harding Avenue Students Take a Trip to Mars

Students showing off their projects. thumbnail255459
Students showing off their projects. thumbnail255460
Students showing off their projects. thumbnail255461
Students Create their own Mars Rover Designs Inspired by the Book A Rover’s Story

Lindenhurst, NEW YORK (February 2024)—Fifth grade students at Harding Avenue Elementary School recently embarked on a mars rover-themed project inspired by the book A Rover’s Story. The activity tasked students with creating their own mars rovers and documenting their rovers’ various accomplishments. The activity was part of the 2023 Global Read Aloud initiative, in which students across the world read A Rover’s Story and took part in various activities related to the book.

A Rover’s Story, by Jasmine Warga, chronicles the mission of the mars rover Resilience, a fictional rover modeled after NASA’s real Perseverance and Curiosity rovers. Throughout its construction, Resilience develops a design quirk, giving it human emotions, which it brings with it on its mission. Throughout, Resilience contends with the harsh Martian environment while seeking to accomplish its mission of science and research.

In addition to designing their own rovers, the Harding Avenue students created graphic organizers detailing their rovers’ feelings regarding the various tests they undertook on the surface of mars. The students also created short videos about their rovers’ accomplishments during their missions. Parents and staff were invited to visit the “Harding Avenue Museum,” which displayed all of the students’ works.

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Date Added: 2/23/2024