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Lindenhurst High School Students ‘Break Out’ with Math

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Lindenhurst, NEW YORK (January, 2024)—Students at Lindenhurst High School have been “breaking out” with a fun, new math-related activity available for them to take part in. Breakout Boxes are a recently developed educational game at the school’s library that allows groups of students to engage with a series of math puzzles to open a series of locks and gain access to a box with a prize inside. The activity is designed in the spirit of an escape room.

A collaborative effort with the school’s librarians, the Breakout Box activities are designed to incorporate a number of different math concepts such as geometric transformations and L’Hopital’s Rule. Each includes five questions and associated sub questions that give students the opportunity to delve deeper into the mathematical concepts and apply their understanding. Each correctly answered question provides part of a code necessary to unlock one of the box’s locks.

The Breakout Boxes are a collaborative activity, and require teamwork within groups of students to assemble all of the pieces of the code. So far students have enjoyed testing their knowledge, and it gives them a fun, hands-on way to review concepts they have learned in class. The Breakout Boxes are available in the school library.

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Date Added: 1/10/2024