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Computer Science Teacher Uses Art to Fund Scholarships for Lindenhurst Students

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This school year, Lindenhurst High School Computer Science teacher Glenn Habibi has turned his passion for painting into a fundraising project to benefit students in the Lindenhurst High School Computer Club.

Mr. Habibi has painted several pieces that he is now selling to raise money for scholarships to present to the six seniors on the executive board of his computer club. The paintings, which are mainly oil paint on canvas, feature a variety of subject matter and are available on the Computer Club’s Instagram page, @Lindycomputerclub. Additionally, Mr. Habibi takes requests for custom paintings.

To support this incredible initiative, visit the Instagram page, @Lindycomputerclub, and reach out to Mr. Habibi via direct message to choose one of his canvases or place a custom order that will benefit the students of Lindenhurst.

Date Added: 11/15/2023