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Lindenhurst Students Make Pledge for Healthy Choices In Recognition of Red Ribbon Week

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Red Ribbons on the Hallway Wall thumbnail229282
Red Ribbons on the Hallway Wall thumbnail229283

In recognition of “National Red Ribbon Week” from Oct. 24-28, students throughout the district took part in activities that emphasize the need to make healthy choices and live a drug free life.
The national campaign also serves as a visual reminder that together, school communities stand united against drug use.

Students at Daniel Street Elementary School had the option to participate in an optional activity at home that will help to remind them of the importance of healthy decision-making. The activity involved decorating a ribbon and pledging to make healthy choices. Each student that returned the activity was eligible to enter a contest to win a prize from a grade-level drawing at the end of the week.

The students’ work now lines the Daniel Street hallways to continue to spread awareness and acknowledge the pride they share in their pledge to make healthy choices

Date Added: 10/31/2022