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Fine and Performing Arts

Fine and Performing Arts

Dr. Robert Lombardo

Director of Fine and Performing Arts
Robert Lombardo, Ed.D.
Phone: 631-867-3135
Fax: (631) 867-3082



The Fine Arts play an important role in the Lindenhurst educational program.  From kindergarten through their high school years, students create original art work in a wide variety of media.  Skill-based instruction in contour drawing, value, light shading, color theory, perspective, two dimensional and three dimensional design is provided sequentially throughout the grades.   

Lindenhurst High School students have the opportunity to take advanced studies in the fine arts of drawing and painting, ceramics and sculpture, and fashion design, as well as technology based programs such as computer graphics, media arts, video, and digital photography.  Student art work is displayed at the District’s “Celebration of the Arts” show held in May at Lindenhurst High School. In addition,   Lindenhurst’s students’ art work is frequently displayed and honored in many local exhibits and competitions including NYSATA.

The Performing Arts also play an important role in the Lindenhurst educational program. From kindergarten through their high school years, students learn to read, write, perform, analyze and create music.  The elementary classroom music program in Lindenhurst serves as the foundation for teaching music literacy skills that prepare students to perform in a music ensemble program. The instrumental and choral music training which begins in fourth grade provides small group weekly instruction as well as ensemble rehearsal experience for all performing groups.  Lastly, Lindenhurst’s music program is represented in the county and at state music festivals each year and is represented by the High School Marching Band that performs and competes at local and out of state competitions.

Lindenhurst High School presents annual theatrical performances twice a year and provides theater arts electives. Dance instruction is now offered as a physical education elective at the high school.  Students involved in the dance program perform at the high school winter concert and at the “Evening of Dance” scheduled in March.