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Lindenhurst takes great pride in our students, schools and staff!

Please check back for specific employment opportunities throughout our district or download the appropriate application for below for consideration and send it to:

Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Instructional Personnel
Mr. Vincent A. Caravana

Non-Instructional Personnel

c/o Non-Instructional Personnel 

Margaret A. McKenna Administration Building
350 Daniel Street
Lindenhurst, NY 11757




 Personnel Bulletins

  • NI-20.1 rall-school teacher aide ENL 3rd grade
  • NI-26.1 Per Diem Substitute Aides-Monitors
  • NI-27.1  Per Diem Substitute NURSES
  • NI-78.2 Floater Special Education Aide William Rall 945 to 315 (5.5 hrs)
  • NI-79.2 Recess Monitor William Rall 1115AM to 215PM (3hrs)
  • NI-80.2 Cafeteria Monitor West Gates 1100AM to 200PM (3hrs)
  • NI-81.1 SHS-Awards stipend
  • NI-85.2 School Monitor (LOA) Middle School 1120AM to 310PM (3 hrs 50 min)
  • NI-87.2 Special Education Aide (LOA) Daniel Street 915 to 245 5.5 hrs
  • NI-88.1 Computer Monitor High School 745AM to 1115AM (3.5hrs)
  • NI-89 Daniel -Part Time Clerk Library Aide (LOA) - Daniel Street (9:15am-12:45pm)
  • NI-90.1 Special Education Aide Middle School 750AM to 250PM (7hrs)
  • NI-91 Part Time clerk - attendance aide MS
  • NI-92.1  PT Special Education Aide Spark Elementary 845AM to 1145AM 3hr
  • NI-93.1 Floater Special Education Aide William Rall  900AM to 230PM  (5.5 hrs)
  • NI-94  High School - 7hr floater aide 
  • NI-95 Middle School - 7hr floater aide 11.26
  • NI-96 Part Time Clerk (Registration) Mckenna Building 
  • NI-97 PT Teacher Aide ENL WIlliam Rall 2nd grade 915AM-245PM





December 11, 2019