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Alleghany Avenue Elementary School

250 S. Alleghany Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY 11757
Phone: 631-867-3200
Fax: 631-867-3208
Grades: K-5
Students Enrolled: 300
Staff/Faculty Employed: 49
Principal: Meghan Shore
            Alleghany School Building




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More about Our School

At Alleghany Avenue Elementary School, our goal is to enable all children to achieve success academically and socially through a commitment to quality programs and a recognition that each child is a unique individual.

The Alleghany community strives to develop students of good character who are respectful, responsible and caring. Each day that our children leave for school we hope that the day will be a happy and rewarding one for them, and that during the day they will engage in meaningful learning experiences upon which they can build for the future. There is a hope that friendships will be born and continue to flourish and that, at the end of the school day, they return home safely and have a good feeling about themselves and their accomplishments.

Alleghany School follows the curriculum guidelines set forth by the New York State Education Department. This substantial curriculum is enhanced by a variety of field trips and enrichment programs. The outstanding reading program has achieved "Honor School" status from the Suffolk County Reading Council, qualifying for a 15 year Honor School Banner.

There exists a strong sense of pride and ownership within the Alleghany community. All who are connected to the school work together for common goals, with everyone having an opportunity to take part in the decision making process. It is this community spirit in maintaining and improving the quality of education, for which Alleghany has come to be known, that gives the school it's logo "The Pride of Lindenhurst."

Boundaries: All of South 2nd Street from South side Hoffman Avenue to Montauk Hwy. South side of East Hoffman Avenue from South 2nd St. to Albert Avenue. South side of Albert Avenue from E. Hoffman Avenue to just past Park Avenue. All of Santapogue Drive down to Montauk Hwy. North side of Montauk Hwy. from South 2nd Street to Park Avenue.