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Health and Safety Committee



Construction and Maintenance Project Monitoring

RESCUE Regulations (8 NYCRR 155.4) require that school districts establish various new procedures and take specific actions to ensure health and safety is upheld during construction and maintenance projects. For an Outline of School Safety Responsibilities during School Construction and Maintenance Projects under RESCUE, please Click Here.

During a construction project, the Health and Safety Committee will be expanded to include the project architect, construction manager, and the contractors. This Committee will meet periodically to review issues and address complaints related to health and safety resulting from the construction project.

To ensure compliance with RESCUE regulations is upheld during construction projects, the Lindenhurst UFSD has adopted a "Weekly RESCUE Construction Safety Checklist". During a construction project, this checklist will be completed each week by each contractor and subcontractor working on-site. Completed checklists will then be reviewed by The Facilities Management Group 's health and safety experts and the Health and Safety Committee to ensure the construction activities planned will not interfere with the health and safety mandates established by RESCUE.

All completed Construction Safety Checklists will be posted on the Compliance Page for viewing.