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Health and Safety Committee



The Compliance page is designed to house the  status of Lindenhurst UFSD's
compliance with various federal, state, and local environmental mandates. Each category below represents a specific mandate that is in place to ensure the safety of public school buildings. The subsections of each category contain related reports that document Lindenhurst UFSD's compliance with each of these regulations.



Building Condition Surveys


BCS 2005/6

BCS 2010/11



Annual Visual Inspections


AVI 2007/8


AVI 2008/9

AVI 2009/10


AVI 2011/12

AVI 2012/13



Five-Year Capital Facilities Plan



2007/12 Plan Index

2008/13 Plan Index

2009/14 Plan Index

2010/15 Plan Index

2011/16 Plan Index



2012/17 Plan Index



AHERA Triennial Inspections


Triennial July 2007


Triennial June 2010

AHERA Parent Notification 4/23/2010

Triennial July 2013



Periodic Surveillances


Jan. 2008

July 2008

Jan. 2009

July 2009

Jan.  2010

Feb. 2011

Nov.  2011

May 2012

Nov. 2012

Dec. 2013

June 2014


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) 48 Hour Notice Periodic Notice of Pesticide Use




FEMA Emergency Institute


Introduction to Incident Command System Certificates

Introduction to National Incident Management System Certificates