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Dual Language Program Information

Lindenhurst Union Free School District is proud of its thriving dual language program which provides students with the unique opportunity to develop full oral, reading and writing proficiency in two languages.

Being biliterate has many intellectual, personal, cultural and global benefits. Research studies have shown that bilingual children develop higher cognitive abilities, more cognitive flexibility and higher language learning skills, which in turn, support literacy learning. Additionally, mastering two or more languages will help individuals solve logic problems and handle multi-tasking executive functioning skills. Bilingual individuals develop cultural awareness that opens doors to other ways of thinking about the world and the possibility of relationships with people in other communities and other countries.  This provides them with better economic and employment opportunities as well.

Jill Schilling, District Coordinator of World Languages, ENL & Bilingual Education



Parent Orientation Video: ELL Programs in New York State


English/Spanish Two-Way Immersion Dual Language Program

Side-by-Side Model 


English/Polish Two-Way Immersion Dual Language Program 

A Message from the Superintendent of Schools Regarding the Polish Dual Language Program - July 28, 2020

A Message From the Superintendent of Schools


August 08, 2020