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Dual Language Program Information

Lindenhurst Union Free School District is proud of its thriving dual language program which provides students with the unique opportunity to develop full oral, reading and writing proficiency in two languages.

Being biliterate has many intellectual, personal, cultural and global benefits. Research studies have shown that bilingual children develop higher cognitive abilities, more cognitive flexibility and higher language learning skills, which in turn, support literacy learning. Additionally, mastering two or more languages will help individuals solve logic problems and handle multi-tasking executive functioning skills. Bilingual individuals develop cultural awareness that opens doors to other ways of thinking about the world and the possibility of relationships with people in other communities and other countries.  This provides them with better economic and employment opportunities as well.

Jill Schilling, District Coordinator of World Languages, ENL & Bilingual Education



Parent Orientation Video: ELL Programs in New York State


English/Spanish Two-Way Immersion Dual Language Program

If you are interested in the dual language class, please call the Office of World Languages, ENL & Bilingual Education at 631-867-3085.

Side-by-Side Model 





Great news! 

The district will be offering a free summer enrichment program beginning July 12, 2021 and ending August 12, 2021. The program, housed at William Rall Elementary School, will offer students an opportunity to strengthen their academic skills while engaging in a variety of activities with their peers in a “summer camp” style program. 

The program will foster a sense of community, focusing on themes such as friendship, kindness, courage, curiosity, confidence, belonging, and hope.  

Please note that availability is limited. Additionally, bus transportation will not be provided to students, however participants will receive breakfast and lunch throughout the day.

Information and registration forms can be found using the appropriate links below:

  • CLICK HERE to review information about the FREE LUFSD ENL Summer Enrichment Program for English Language Learners for Grades 1-8.

  • HAGA CLIC AQUÍ para revisar la información sobre el Programa de Enriquecimiento de Verano LUFSD ENL para Estudiantes del Idioma Inglés para los Grados 1-8

    CLICK HERE to Register for the FREE LUFSD ENL Summer Enrichment Program for English Language Learners for Grades 1-8 Via Google Form. 


September 24, 2021