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Transportation Information 

Maureen Ciaci - Transportation Coordinator

McKenna Administration Building
350 Daniel St. Room 101
Lindenhurst, NY 11757

Telephone: 631-867-3050 
Fax:            631-867-3059 


Online Applications for School Year 2021-22

Application deadlines have expired.

Please contact the transportation department at 631-867-3050 for further information.



Transportation is not provided for schools over 15 miles from residence

Current Residents applying for Private & Parochial Transportation - CLICK HERE to complete the application

New Residents and Kindergarten students applying for Private & Parochial Transportation - Fill out the Non Public form on the district's Registration Webpage



Please read the childcare guidelines before applying. CLICK HERE to review the childcare guidelines.

Childcare Applications - CLICK HERE to complete the application

Minimum Distances For Bus Eligibility

NEW - Parent Tool for Transportation Eligibility

New York State school districts are required by the Education Law to provide transportation for all elementary pupils residing more than two miles from school, and for secondary pupils residing more than three miles from school.


The Lindenhurst Board of Education has lowered these minimum distances from the New York State requirements to as follows:

Grade     Distance
K-5        3/4 mile 

6-8           1 mile

9-12   1 1/2 miles

CLICK HERE to read Board Policy 8410 - Student Transportation.


Emergency School Closure & Inclement Weather Protocol


In the event of a districtwide emergency school closings, transportation will not be provided to any schools.

In the event the district puts into place an alternate bus stop schedule due to flooding, please CLICK HERE to view the alternate emergency bus stop schedule for affected bus routes.


District Bus Stop Pick Up/Dismissal Information***

Public School

                                       AM PICK UP                        PM DISMISSAL               LATE RUNS

Senior High School          6:50 AM                                2:19 PM                         Click here

Middle School                  7:30 AM                                2:55 PM                         Click here   

MS-Zero Period               6:30 AM          

Elementary                      8:30 AM                                 3:30 PM


*** All Non-public school routes will be communicated by the bus company with approximate times.


Bus Stop Change Requests


The district uses routing software and our knowledge of the area to place all bus stops at the safest location possible. If you feel that there is a safety issue that must be addressed regarding your child’s bus stop, please complete the

BUS STOP CHANGE FORM and return it to the district Transportation Coordinator for review.

Bus Contractor Contact Information

Suffolk Transportation Service: (631) 231-9940  Ext 4321; Ext 4331

CLICK HERE to visit the Suffolk Transportation Services website.




December 06, 2021